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About RONY

RONY is an indie pop-soul artist based in London. With an open flow of emotions at its core, his music is set to take you on a melodic journey that blends hooks with old stories about what makes us all human.

With his band, they have been performing around the UK for the past year (Victorious Festival, Ronnie Scott's Upstairs, Servant Jazz Quarters, Kensington Roof Garden).

His debut EP 'Shadow' has been featured on BBC6 Music Introducing as well as a dozen more radios worldwide.

This got the attention of the co-founder of global music giant Believe Digital who signed him for a distribution deal.

They love the sound

"A selection of upbeat melodies with thoughtful, heartfelt songs to create a set that was rife with genuine emotion." 
(Ransom Note)
"Such an incredibly honest and open style that emotion flows through each and every word as if it were a quill dripping aural ink straight into your ear."
(We Close Tonight)
"The songs on Shadow are meticulously built, lovingly performed and crammed with more hooks than a meat locker."
(Stereo Embers Magazine)

"Mystery" (Nov 2015 debut single)

Streaming RONY

Media appearances

  • Miskin Radio
  • Saint FM
  • Shoreditch Radio
  • Calon FM
  • InTheFame
  • Earbits Radio
  • AVA Live Radio​

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RONY logo
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